Safety at UC Safety & Security

The goal of University Center is to provide a secure and comfortable living environment while offering support and stimulation to help students achieve academic success.

The safety of residents and our community is critically important. Our highly-trained security staff are on-site at all times. Additional security is provided by camera and foot surveillance and UC staff has a strong, established relationship with Chicago police officers that patrol the area. The building is fully equipped with sprinklers, modern fire and life satefy systems and meets the City of Chicago student housing building codes and reguations.

The UC staff actively encourages all residents to put forth the cooperative effort necessary to enhance the safety and security for everyone at UC. Entry to University Center is restricted to residents and authorized guests only. At all times guests must present clear government-issued photo identification, sign in at the University Center Security Desk upon arrival, and return a guest pass upon the end of their stay. Guests must be escorted by their host at all times throughout the building and may not use another’s UC ID to access facilities.

Safety at UC